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ohitsmandi replied to your post “I got a job! Yay!!!”


It’s a regular babysitting job. Couple of days a week for two boys.

andidividethem replied to your post “I got a job! Yay!!!”



I DO! That would be fantastic. :) I’ll send over my email.

Awesome! It might take a bit of time to transfer them into my Dropbox but I’ll send them as soon as they’re through. 

Divergent is the first one, then Insurgent, then Allegiant.

ohitsmandi replied to your post “So I listened to the Divergent audiobook.  I feel like it was a…”

I still need to read this series!

Do you have Dropbox? I could send you the audiobooks.

ohitsmandi replied to your photo “here …look at my face (it’s hot and gross and i need to wash my face…”

I like your face

I like you’re face too

ohitsmandi replied to your post “So I was suppose to only be getting a new body for my MacBook. But…”

This is beautiful.

It’s so beautiful. It’s all clean and shiny. 

I don’t understand torrent so I’ll have to figure out proxy. Haha.

I have Media Hint. It’s a browser extension on Chrome.

The Hola Chrome extension is good too. That would you just have to set to the UK.

Where do you watch it at?

Well you can watch it here if you have a proxy on your browser that lets you watch stuff outside of the US.

If not, you can download a torrent of the first season.

You have made me want to watch this show.

Watch it!! It’s amazing! The first season only has six episodes so it’s a really fast watch too.

the five w’s and how of mandi

coming to a theater near you this fall

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