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I am so sick of people complaining that there is too much Rachel Berry on Glee.

When has the show ever truly been a Rachel Berry-free show!? It hasn’t! Not really. Rachel Berry has always been the main character. Why do you think Lea Michele get nominated for “Best Actress” and not “Best Supporting Actress”? It has always been Rachel’s show. And if they’re saying that the Mckinley/NY split will be like the ND/Dalton split of season two, then you’re fooling yourself if you don’t think that NY will be the “ND” to Mckinley’s “Dalton”.

I just really think that no one should be surprised if the show comes back in September and Rachel’s story takes up the most air-time all season.

Also, don’t you think that at a certain point you have to weight why you watch Glee with the amount of rage it gives you on a weekly basis? At some point it has to be better to just cut the show loose that to keep putting yourself through it, right?

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