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Being an asshole in Mandi’s askbox again.

Person who is awesome:

  • Mandi

Being an asshole who thinks she’s funny in Mandi’s Ask Box.

Sometimes I think I’m funny and feel like I just need to be an asshole in Mandi’s Ask Box.

New tag for Me, Blainerz, and Mandi:

brot3: better than you

Because I’m Santana, Blainer is Kurt, and Mandi is Lauren and all three characters think they’re better than everyone else.

“Today I was at Forever 21 and I saw heart shaped sunglasses and thought of you. Just thought I'd let you know, haha. <3”


Awww! Imma get all misty.

Also now I have to to Forever 21 to see if I can find som. It’s usually hit or miss because the Canadian stores don’t get a lot of the product. 

ohitsmandi replied to your post: Update:

It is perfect.



New tag for Mandi is “brotp: forcing my friendship”

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